Launching new Java OSS projects

JOpt Simple is my crack at command line option parsing.  It is the offical version of my "getopts" TDD experiment.  I implemented it TDD-style, and it felt great.  Realistically, the software is beta-quality, but I need to get a bunch of stuff done before I declare a release -- proper web site and docs, mostly.  I'm proud of the code.  It supports the option syntax of POSIX getopt() and GNU getopt_long(). I thought I'd take a crack at this despite the existence of other libraries, because I found the code of the other projects to be unnecessarily gnarly, and containing features I didn't think belonged (type conversion on option arguments, for one).

Jaggregate is a collections library modeled after the ANSI Smalltalk collections protocols.  It is unapologetically J2SE 5 only.  It is a means to support my learning of Java generics and other J2SE 5 Java language features, and hopefully will grow in popularity and use.  I have dictionaries, sets, and bags ready--am working on the sequences now.  I probably could use more tests.

Please check out the code.  I'd love to hear suggestions and feedback.  I'm also fishing for better names for these projects--they kind of felt like a give-up when I named them.

Written on January 2, 2005