JavaOne 2008, Day 4

"The Layperson's Guide to Building a Better User Experience" -- in short, you are a user experience designer; take interaction design, user experience, and user personae seriously; and read up.

"Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist" -- Interesting discussion from the chief scientist of TopQuadrant.  Interesting mention of D2RQ, a library to expose relational stores as stores of RDF triples; though to hear Dean Allemang tell it, there isn't much of a community forming around D2RQ.

Neat presentation from two Jython commiters about the challenges involved in compiling Jython code down to JVM bytecode.

Two Selenium cognoscenti, Dan Fabulich and Patrick Lightbody, gave a decent account of Selenium for web testing.  Apparently the XPath support library that Selenium uses has been tuned quite a bit and should be faster in the new 1.0 beta.  Still holding out hope that it can handle non-trivial (and even some trivial) XPath expressions on IE.

Written on May 12, 2008