JavaOne 2008 -- Day 1 preview

I'm at JavaOne this year, my first trip to the big dance.  Based on the rock-concert lines forming for the first General Session, I'd say the conference is doing pretty damn well.

Flight into SFO from DFW last night was without incident.  It was remarkably easy to get to my hotel downtown, about six blocks away from the Moscone Center -- hopped the AirTrain to the BART Station, quickly purchased a ticket to the Powell station, hopped on, and twenty minutes or so I was five blocks away from my hotel.  Great success!

I'm registered for the following Day 1 technical sessions/BOFs:

  • "JRuby: Why, What, How...Do It Now", featuring the great Charles Nutter
  • "More Effective Java" from Mr. Effective Java himself, Joshua Bloch
  • "Upcoming Java Programming Language Changes", featuring Neal Gafter, he of all things Java-compiler-related
  • "Practical Applications of Static Java Technology-Based Bytecode Analysis and Transformation"
  • "Tips and Tricks for Using Language Features in API Design and Implementation" -- perhaps some good thoughts there about fluent interfaces
  • "Migrating to Maven 2 Demystified".  I am in the midst of doing this for my Java open source projects, so perhaps I can pick up some tips.
  • "GUI Testing Made Easy", with Alex Ruiz and Yvonne Price of FEST.  Alex and I met each other briefly while both at ThoughtWorks -- it'll be good to see what he's been up to.

More updates as the talks warrant.

Written on May 6, 2008