Does sport get any more delicious?...

...than a Yankees/Red Sox American League Championship Series? The greatness unfolds beginning tonight. The underdog rooter in me (I stuck with my beloved Buffalo Bills through four straight Super Bowl losses; exulted at Luis Gonzalez' series-winning base hit in 2001) is pulling for the Sox to get the monkey off their collective back at long last. But I recognize the greatness of this Yankee team, and of the past ten or so Yankee teams. They are so clutch, esp. Jeter and Bernie. You have to admire the ethic and attitude of these Yankees -- no quit, never, never, never. Nothing about that that smacks of "evil empire."

As for those who whine things about the Yankees such as "best team money can buy"--do note that championships are decided on the field, not on paper. Got that, Baltimore Orioles, New York Rangers, Oakland Raiders? Look into your heart of hearts and ask yourselves: Do the Yankees, more often than not, come through when it counts the most, or do they choke? You may not like the Yankees, but you have to acknowledge their greatness when it comes to clutch performances.

Everyone seems to think that this is the Red Sox' year, but I'll believe it when I see it happen. As long as Jeter, Torre, Bernie Williams, Posada, etc. are donning the pinstripes, I will not count the Yankees out prematurely.

Written on October 12, 2004