CITCON North America 2008 in Denver

I attended CITCON North America in Denver this weekend.  I went to last year's North American offering in Dallas/Fort Worth (my turf) and had a great time, learned a lot, and met some really smart, passionate software professionals.  Second verse -- same as the first. 

CITCON (pronounced KIT-kon) attracts a number of thought leaders in the areas of continuous integration, testing, and agile methods.  The Open Space format means that participants get out of the conference what they put into it -- they create their own agenda.  So I, along with the other attendees, proposed topics to fits into one of five different time slots in one of five different conference rooms.

The sessions I attended:

  • Selenium vs. Watir -- Good discussion around the relative merits, pain points, and constraints of these two open-source web testing tools.
  • BDD vs. TDD -- The motivations behind moving toward behavior-driven development and lingo as opposed to the more developer-facing TDD counterparts.
  • Test-Driven Web Development -- Discussion around what a more test-centric approach to creating complex web applications might look like.
  • Continuous Testing -- My colleague Ben Rady gave a great demo of his Infinitest tool.
  • A session about DSLs for testing and executable specifications.  Good talk about RSpec and easyb, featuring Andy Glover and another colleague of mine, Rod Coffin.

I actually put the "Law of Two Feet" to good use after a session I kicked off had run its course after about forty minutes.  8^)

As a software professional, you owe it to yourself to attend this conference.

Written on April 6, 2008